• Port Moka is a brand of Grupo Cafes Batalla , a family business founded in 1950, with a long tradition in the world of coffee.
  • Coffees selection from different origins of the world
  • Elaborate the best blends for our customers
  • Roasted in the traditional artisan method, which it is complete with the latest technology
  • Mediterranean roast style, the cradle of espresso Original, where we use our differential Know-how.
  • Develop an organoleptic profile of each coffee to satisfy the most demanding palates
  • It comes in capsules with 5 grs. compatible with Nespresso ® machines
  • We use oxo-biodegradable capsules, which provides the proper coffee extraction and conservation, besides better recycling.
  • Packaged in a modified atmosphere that preserves perfectly the qualities of the coffee